We have different packages for different business solutions.

Whatever your requirement is, let us know and we will email you the fee we will charge.

A total breakdown is given for each service that shamrock assist provides you.

We require only a few documents such as ID documents, proof of addresses.

You can be a Sole trader, a Partnerships, or a limited company follow the link for details.

Please visit CRO website and search for a company name.

Keeping in view your budget we will give you best options, most suitable for your business. The costs involved will be discussed before any order is confirmed.

You can provide us with a general outline and the terms and conditions of your employees’ contract and we will have a legal contract made for you accordingly (It’s a third part service and incurs extra cost)

For Tax year, 2017 the Standard Rate is 20% and Higher Rate is 40%
Rates of income tax
Rate Taxable earned income €(euros) Category
20% 0-€33,800 for individuals without dependent children
20% 0-€37,800 for single or widowed persons qualifying for the One-Parent Family tax credit
20% 0-€42,800 for married couples
40% earned income remainder on all categories

Currently we run a payroll every Friday and immediately make a payment to you. Depending on your bank account the duration may vary from 24-48 hours.

Your pay is calculated using an approved software and besides we have to deduct the PRSI and PAYE on your behalf to the revenue. We have to deduct our payroll running charges only.

Most employers and employees (over 16 years of age and under 66) pay social insurance (PRSI) contributions into the national Social Insurance Fund. In general, the payment of social insurance is compulsory. The term ‘insurable employment is used to describe employment that is liable for social insurance contributions. Some people who have unearned income are also liable for PRSI
If you are in employment, tax on your income is deducted by your employer on behalf of the Revenue Commissioners. This system of deduction is known as the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system. All PAYE taxpayers are entitled to a tax credit known as the PAYE Tax Credit which is worth €1,650.

We are registered with revenue commissioners and we are obliged by law to pay all taxes due on behalf of all our clients.

There are very few expenses that are claimable now and with the change in current legislations each expense have to be approved and matched with the guidelines before it can be claimed.

It has been advised by the revenue department that everyday commute to place of work cannot be claimed as mileage.

Please follow the link for a detailed guide to claiming various expanses.

There is no joining fee

No, we don’t charge an exit fee either

No there is no subscription fee.

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